The Middle East is more unstable now than ever.

President Trump is doing what like minded people elected him to do.



Here I Go Again

Thanks for joining me!

Hi ya’ll!! I’m a southern girl that is dealing with a monster called Borderline Personality Disorder!!

I’m also currently half way through writing my first novel. A labor of love that is ripping my guts out as I write out because it has me reliving EVERY fucked up thing that I have done or has happened to me in my adult life.

Sometimes it’s hell being me….sometimes it’s fucking AWESOME, but it is NEVER, EVER boring!

If you suffer from BPD, PTSD, OCD, ADHD or any other mental health issue my inbox is always here for you! Even if you do not battle with a mental illness I’m a good read if you would enjoy laughing at me, with me and life in general!! I hope to hear from y’all soon!! Namaste!

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